Pickens County Georgia December 5 2004

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Sunrise over Pickens County Georgia December 5, 2004

Conn's Creek Baptist Church holds services the 2nd and 5th Sundays each month. It is about 3 miles south of Four Mile Baptist which holds services on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Judge Charles Howard Bozeman, David Bozeman and Dr. Charles H. Bozeman II at the old church at Conn's Creek "constituted" in 1847. This is directly across from the entrance of the newer building above.

Four Mile Baptist Church seen from the cemetery across the road.
There are dozens of Darbys, Ingrams, and Bozemans and other relatives buried here.

John K. Bozeman's marker at Four Mile Baptist Church
John K. married Sara C. Darby. He was the third son of Amos and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman.

We met our cousin Lindsay Petty during the Sunday service at Four Mile Baptist Church. Lindsay is the great x 3 grandson of John K. Bozeman who was the elder brother of Silas Newton Bozeman who is my great-great grandfather and fourth son of Amos and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman.

Rebecca Beede Bozeman Ingram is the daughter of Amos and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman.
There are many unreadable markers at Four Mile Baptist Church. We are trying to arrange to read the old minutes of Four Mile Church to determine if any information therein leads us to which graves belong to Amos and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman and Silas Newton & Eliza Parris(h) Bozeman.

The sign at Four Mile Baptist constituted in 1850

The sign at Bozeman Lane possibly named for Tillman Bozeman who had a store nearby.
Tillman was a descendant of Amos and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman

Tombstone of Henry Bluet Bozeman located at Refuge Baptist Church just west of Tate GA.

Barry Bozeman author of the website with cousin Dr. Charles Ingram who is the author of the Bozeman Families History.

If anyone would like to see any of the rest of the pictures from this trip please leave a comment in the "Comments" just below this line with your e-mail address and I will send you a link to the photo album on Snapfish. There are pictures of many of the descendants of Amos and Nancy's tombstones in Four Mile, Refuge, and Cool Springs cemetaries in Pickens County Georgia.


Bozeman Montana

This Historical Marker is 18 Miles East of Bozeman

This Historical Marker is 100 miles SE of Bozeman between Roscoe and Absaroka

Bozeman Tombstone Text: In Memory of John M. Bozeman Aged 32 years Killed by Blackfeet Indians on the Yellowstone April 18 1868
He was a native of Georgia. He was one of the first settlers of Bozeman and from whom the town takes it's name

Allison Bozeman Lawhon and Barry Bozeman at Bozeman Tombstone

The Bozeman Tombstone is seen on the far right in the Story Family Plot

The Tombstone is also for W S McKmvzee aged 85 from Georgia "a friend"

Bozeman picture and watch in Museum of the Rockies Exhibit

Bozeman revolver and powder horn

Text (including wrong birthdate) in museum exhibit

"The Death of John M. Bozeman" Painting

Painting description in museum exhibit

Judge Charles Howard Bozeman and Allison Bozeman Lawhon at The Bozeman Hotel

The Bozeman - stained glass window

Bozeman Opera House stained glass at the Museum of the Rockies

Bozeman Comes of Age plack on Main Street in Bozeman MT.

The C. Howard & Barbara Bozeman Family on Main Street

Judge C. Howard Bozeman and Allison on Main Street

Each street lamp on Main Street has flowers and this banner.


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In case you are wondering about the Jimmie Rodgers Book and references:
Jimmie Rodgers mother was Eliza Bozeman and Jimmie was raised by Aunt Dora Bozeman and greatly influenced by two Bozeman cousins "Rowdy and Rawl"


Happy Birthday Allison Bozeman Lawhon

A very happy birthday wish for my wonderful daughter Allison
shown here in the Spring of 1975 with her mother Susan, Uncle Sam, and Me.

Born the first day of Spring in 1975 she brought flowers and sunshine into our lives.


A Post from your Host

In case you are wondering who to blame for this blog:

On Nov. 1, 2003 I gave away the beautiful bride, my wonderful daughter Allison, to a great groom, her husband Ben Lawhon, during the "PERFECT" wedding.
It was 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky over Cashiers, NC.

My brothers and our parents:

David, Dr. Charlie, Judge Howard & Barbara, Dr. Sam, & I

My Bozeman Line goes like this
Father Charles Howard (b. 1918) Knoxville, TN. and Mother Barbara Ann Newman Bozeman
Grandfather Artie Claude (b. 1896 Knoxville, TN) and grandmother Mary Ely Arnwine
This is Art sitting on the table with the cat with brothers Charley Prince and Walter (Buster)

We still have the table and possibly the cat in it's 9th life.

Great-grandfather John Samuel (b. 1860 in Cherokee Co. GA.) and Cynthia Ann Mann
his father Silas Newton (b. 1836 in Cherokee Co.) and Eliza Parrish

We have no pictures of John Samuel or Silas Newton, but this is a picture of Silas brother John K.

Silas Newton was a son of Amos (b. 1799 NC or SC) and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman

Amos said that his father was Samuel and his mother Rachel. DNA testing indicates that Amos descended from James (b. 1720) and Martha Bozeman of Edgecomb Co NC.

On Mother's side of the family
Barbara Ann Newman Bozeman's father was Russell Austin Newman (b. 1894) pictured here on the lap of father Robert Sneed Newman (b. 1854)

Barbara's mother's maternal grandparents were Dr. Elbert Cicero (b. 1851) and Missouri Hazeltine Wood Lay

His parents were Jasper (b. 1829) and Hester Ann Leach Lay (Hester was part Cherokee Indian)

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