Happy Birthday Allison Bozeman Lawhon

A very happy birthday wish for my wonderful daughter Allison
shown here in the Spring of 1975 with her mother Susan, Uncle Sam, and Me.

Born the first day of Spring in 1975 she brought flowers and sunshine into our lives.


A Post from your Host

In case you are wondering who to blame for this blog:

On Nov. 1, 2003 I gave away the beautiful bride, my wonderful daughter Allison, to a great groom, her husband Ben Lawhon, during the "PERFECT" wedding.
It was 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky over Cashiers, NC.

My brothers and our parents:

David, Dr. Charlie, Judge Howard & Barbara, Dr. Sam, & I

My Bozeman Line goes like this
Father Charles Howard (b. 1918) Knoxville, TN. and Mother Barbara Ann Newman Bozeman
Grandfather Artie Claude (b. 1896 Knoxville, TN) and grandmother Mary Ely Arnwine
This is Art sitting on the table with the cat with brothers Charley Prince and Walter (Buster)
We still have the table and possibly the cat in it's 9th life.
Four Sons of John Samuel and Cynthia
Art, Harrison, Charlie Prince and Buster

Fannie and Harrison

Buster, Artie Claude, Minnie, Charley Prince and Harrison

Sam Bozeman Obit 

Great-grandfather John Samuel (b. 1860 in Cherokee Co. GA.) and Cynthia Ann Mann
his father Silas Newton (b. 1836 in Cherokee Co.) and Eliza Parrish

We have no pictures of John Samuel or Silas Newton, but this is a picture of Silas brother John K.

Silas Newton was a son of Amos (b. 1799 NC or SC) and Nancy Tarbutton Bozeman

Amos said that his father was Samuel and his mother Rachel. DNA testing indicates that Amos descended from James (b. 1720) and Martha Bozeman of Edgecomb Co NC.

Silas Newton and Eliza Parrish Bozeman's eldest son was John Samuel Bozeman

John Samuel Bozeman in front with George Edward Repass driver

John Samuel top of wall on right with Brookside Mill crew 
near Baxter Ave and Central Ave in Happy Holler - Knoxville, TN 

Cynthia Ann Mann with Son Harrison and 4 daughters
Clarissa, Nora, Daisy and Minnie

John Samuel Bozeman 

On Mother's side of the family
Barbara Ann Newman Bozeman's father was Russell Austin Newman (b. 1894) pictured here on the lap of father Robert Sneed Newman (b. 1854)

Barbara's mother's maternal grandparents were Dr. Elbert Cicero (b. 1851) and Missouri Hazeltine Wood Lay

His parents were Jasper (b. 1829) and Hester Ann Leach Lay (Hester was part Cherokee Indian)

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