Latest BOZEMAN cousin arrives early!!!

Great news cousins.

Allison Bozeman Lawhon and spouse Ben were in Beaver Creek Colorado for a wedding rehersal dinner Friday night. Little did they know that expected arrival Cullin Riley Lawhon would not honor their plan for natural childbirth in Boulder on September 23rd. Allison woke Ben at 2am on Saturday saying "We have to get to Boulder NOW!!

They made it as far as Breckenridge/Dillon at about 3:30AM. Ben dialed 911 and found the nearest hospital avoiding having to deliver his own son.

Cullin Riley Lawhon arrived September 2, 2006 at 5:57 AM in Summit County, Colorado (Breckenridge/Frisco)He is 5 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long, very strong and has quite the set of vocal chords.
Cullin evidently wanted to be on hand for the Tennessee Vols victory over California. His blood runs orange. His arrival was on the same date that Ben's father passed 20 years ago.

Mother and baby were transported by ambulance to Denver Children's hospital where there is a NIC unit for early arrivals. Both are doing great and I am a proud grandfather at last.

Barry Bozeman



It's been a long time since I added anything new to BOZEMANIA.
My newfound interest in Facebook has prompted this post and I hope to update the site more often if I get replies from some Bozemans I have contacted on that site

On Facebook I learned that Blake Bozeman had passed away after finding a group dedicated to friends of Blake Bozeman -

shown here with his daughter Anjolie I believe from what I can gather on the website.

There is also a Greg Bozeman and Kristi Bozeman on Facebook
If there are enough Bozemans interested maybe we can start a Bozeman group on the popular site.

Made another Facebook Bozeman discovery this early morning
Jon Bozeman is a singer songwriter with a CD out

JON BOZEMAN: Jon Bozeman
Have only heard the 29 second previews thus far but I'm going to get the album
Got to support the cousins

My daughter Allison's new website is awesome if I do say so myself
Birddog Impressions is updated often with her work

Including great pictures of my grandson Cullin shown here with Nashville cousins on his Dads' side

but I especially loved these Julie Afflerbaugh pictures from A Day in the Life
ja photo


Now I don't care if I'm the grandfather - that is one photogenic young child